From technical management to image management, from sports welfare to local conferences and daily internships, Sprint Academy is able to support athletes and companies at 360 degrees.

Sprint Academy training programs are designed on the basis of psychophysical characteristics of single athletes. We do provide all the technical instruments to maximize the exploitation of single athletes’ potential.
Based on analysis and tests, we create a personalized training program and look after each athlete every day, continuously adapting his program according to his validations and feedbacks. There are no standard programs since each athlete is supported in order to achieve a series of shared and reachable professional objectives.
Sprint Academy, thanks to its management’s consolidated and diverse experience, is able to care for each athlete even in terms of image management: from sponsors’ research to communication management (press office, social media, events and other social initiative) and to the development of a specific strategic project capable to support the athlete beyond his sporting activity, Sprint Academy could definitively become a 360° partner for all athletes willing to entrust it.
A proper and agonistic sports culture represents a necessary basis to face and manage a professional career to the best. For this reason, Sprint Academy offers to business managers a panel of motivational activities of team building, in order to provide them with all those emotions that are on the basis of agonistic sport, involving professional athletes who can share and describe their personal experiences.
Sprint Academy organizes, alone or involving third parties, educational activities on a local basis, focusing of the fundamental principles that guides its work philosophy.
Sprint Academy organizes daily or multiday internship experiences for athletes of each disciplines willing to improve their sprint techniques. The same service – adapted to sprint fans instead of professional athletes – is offered to managers of our business clients.