As Sprint Academy we wish to create a center of excellence for speed disciplines management, from training to everything that can come around this world. We have identified strategic partners in order to achieve this goal.


Sports Department

The partnership with Luiss Sport Lab stems from the common vision of creating a center of excellence for improving athletes’ performance and wellness status. Thanks to scientific competences, technological tools and field methodologies and expertise, Sprint Academy and Luiss Sport Lab work on a protocol that includes three phases: morpho-functional analysis, biomechanical analysis and data evaluation. This protocol can be applied to Top Athletes, but also to Top Managers and employees through sports welfare programs, which Sprint Academy and Luiss develop in synergy for companies.


High-tech solutions for training

Sprint Academy relies on the collaboration of Microgate, a Bolzano-based company specialized in technological research, applied to training, with the aim of analyzing and improving all those performances related to sporting activities (acceleration, reactivity, speed, power, elevation, etc.).
Thanks to this partnership we are able to offer innovative solutions, consultancy and technical support to coaches and sports trainers willing to optimize athletic preparation and performance evaluation activities.
Microgate’s flagship product is the “OptoJump Next” analysis system, which allows you to perform accurate tests of physical fitness, which are now considered global standards in the field of athletic training. Several teams have already chosen OptoJump to reach the top of the sport, from the most important Italian football clubs to the most prestigious basketball Nba teams. Our offer has not only applications in the field of agonistic sport but also, in the context of Corporate Welness, where, thanks to the collaboration with Microgate, we are able to propose specific physical and mental training paths, with innovative instruments and techniques.